Election 2004 - Aftermath
November 04, 2004
Charlotte, NC Recount Reveals Some Votes Counted Twice

Samuelson in, Rembert out ... for now

First recount changes county commission result
In The Charlotte Observer.

Nice how the mistakes get "fixed" when it means a Republican keeping her position.

A retally of early voting ballots has changed the result of the tight Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners race, possibly putting incumbent Republican Ruth Samuelson back on the board.

But totals could change again. And elections voting officials can't say yet what caused the problems.

When voting ended Tuesday, Democrats appeared to sweep three at-large seats.

But on Wednesday, Republicans pointed out early-voting discrepancies that showed more votes in the presidential race than people who voted. Elections officials spent today counting the ballots anew. The end result: former school board member Wilhelmenia Rembert, a Democrat, slipped from second to fourth, a mere 28 votes behind Samuelson.

Democrats Parks Helms and Jennifer Roberts were first and second, and Samuelson was third, with 63 fewer votes than Roberts. Elections officials still must rule on whether roughly 6,000 provisional ballots will be counted. That decision could change the close race again.

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