Bye-Bye Gonzales
January 23, 2005
Senate Puts Gonzales Confirmation On "Hold"

The senate put Gonzales' confirmation on hold last Wednesday. That means we have two more days to get the word out to our senators that we oppose his confirmation.

This article is just a little thing, so I've republished the whole thing below.

Democrats put hold on Gonzales vote

By the Associated Press.

WASHINGTON -- Attorney General designate Alberto Gonzales will have to wait at least another week before getting a Senate committee vote on his nomination to be the nation's top law enforcement officer.

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee decided Wednesday to ask for a one-week hold on Gonzales' nomination.

Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) said the committee should not vote on Gonzales yet because the nominee has not yet answered all of the Democrats' questions. Democrats have complained that Gonzales has been evasive with his answers to their questions about White House policies on the war on terror.

''If we are to meet our constitutional responsibility in the confirmation process, we must insist that Mr. Gonzales provide responsive answers to these fundamental questions,'' Kennedy said. ''He should not be listed on the agenda for a committee vote on his nomination until he does so.''

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