January 30, 2005
Catching Up On Daily Show Posts Today

So let's see how many of these suckers I can link to today.

They are all already available here, by date, in my archive (where you can always look for them in general). (The new ones are from late November and all of December.)

But, as you know, I like to include metadata with them in my posts here, so you can find them later when you're looking for a specific clip. (And so I can find them later when I'm looking for a specific clip.)

These all have mirrors too, but only for a month or so, so if it's after February 2005 and the mirrors don't work anymore, that's why.

Try to use the mirrors while they're there though, because I imagine bandwidth will get pretty scarce over the next few days as this stuff gets accessed all at once.

Thanks in advance for letting me know if any of this stuff isn't working properly, or if I have any bad links. I'll leave these clips on my hard drive for a couple days, to make sure everything made it. Then I gotta start clearing off my hard drives to get ready to install my home recording studio. (I got a Digi 001 and I'm quite excited about it!)

I also have a few tech issues that have been plaguing me that I'm going to need your help with.

Anyway, major catch up day today.



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