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May 02, 2005
Line-up For SCOUT Opening Night - May 4th At The Red Devil Lounge

So I hope that some of you will come down to the SCOUT show at the Red Devil Lounge this Wednesday night.

We have a nice batch of MCs and vocalists coming through that will be performing with
Variable Unit

KIWI (nativeguns), groundworkmusic, Kiwi's MySpace Page)

Baba Israel (
Open Thought

(bop city/alphabet soup)

Shania D. (http://www.shaniad.xbuild.com/)

Mic Blake (
bop city/alphabet soup

Infinity (infinitythemc.com)

Each (eachbox.com)

Jaw Prophetic (Joshua Walters)

Phoenix Normand

Hope to see you there!

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