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May 08, 2005
Line Up Of MCs for May 11 Scout

It would be great if you headed down to the Red Devil Lounge this Wednesday, May 11, for SCOUT. (And do please stop by and say "hi," if you do come by. I'm easy to find :-)

We've just announced the
line up of MCs for May 11th
, and it's a goodin:

Celsius 7 and Spidey of Psychokinetics

Mic Blake and HoFlow

(Bopcity/Alphabet Soup)

All four MCs from
Felonius: One Love Hip Hop

D.Wolf, Soulati, A kid named Keith, and Infinite

All three MCs from The Greans (Oposit, Cold Showda, and King Solomon)

The Genie-scratch guitar


Special Guests TBA

May 4 show
was incredible. here are some photos.

I'll be putting up videos and mp3s right here in a bit...

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