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May 23, 2005
First Of Many SCOUT Performer Interviews Just Posted

I'm starting to post video and mp3 clips of my interviews with the SCOUT performers over on the Wide Hive Blog.

The first is of Each the Beatboxer. He's really incredible. I've got a clip of his performance around here somewhere...

Each will be performing with Cubik and Origami from 9-10 pm at this week's SCOUT, and he might even jump in a bit with Variable Unit during the night's main set.


Ed note: I'm really having a blast documenting hip hop subculture. I mean, I'm a part of it, I suppose, running a record label and all, but there's a part of me, perhaps the media researcher part of me, that will always feel more like an observer, and an archivist of, this very unique time in our history.

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