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June 28, 2005
Come To The Last SCOUT June 29

Remember to come as my guest -- and bring friends.

It'll be quite a show. More info here.

Opening at 9:30pm Each the Beat Boxer performing with DJ Quest

Then from 10-12:30:
Variable Unit w/Special Guest Hosts:
Zealous and Prophet

Felonius: One Love Hip Hop

(Soulati, Infinite, A kid named Keith and D. Wolf)

Ho Flow and Mic Blake and their whole vocal crew from Bop City Pacific
(Caitlin Cornwell, Dawn "Dee Dee" Hilgesen, Christi "KiKi" Hilgesen)

Mark Stretch
(Foreign Legion)



Joe Con

Won Way

V.E.R.A. Clique
(Anderson Ray & Macsen Apollo)

Marquand (beatboxer)

From the Delinquent Monestary Crew:
Complexity, Lush One, and Ajaxx
Audio Tracks -
Video Tracks

(Poetry Slam Champion)

Shania D.


Hilary Star

Plus More Guests TBA

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