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September 26, 2005
Help Me Find The New Presidents Of The United States All Camera Phone-Video

Update 9/27/05 - video can be found here.

Beware that it requires Quicktime 7.

Or dispell the myth that it exists.


Here's what I have on it:

Camera phone enters new creative territory

That record's been out for a year already, so I guess it's a new video for the old song? Help me out here...

NEW YORK--Billboard magazine has learned that rock band the Presidents of the United States of America shot its latest video using only mobile phone cameras. The video for the track "Some Postman," culled from the band's last studio album, "Love Everybody," was filmed in Seattle in just one day using a variety of Sony-Ericsson mobile video phones.

Director Grant Marshall of Film Headquarters said he had spent 18 months looking for a band willing to go along with the mobile-only film concept. The band currently is playing limited U.S. dates and is planning to tour in Australia in October.

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