First Amendment Under Attack
November 07, 2005
Former Spam King Jerry Reynolds (of Fargo, ND) Files Slapp Suits Trying to Squash The Free Speech of People Exposing His Spammy Ways

In the "No way, this can't be happening in America" department, we have good citizens David Ritz and Ed Falk being sued for saying the truth about Jerry Reynolds being a spammer on a usenet group over 6 years ago.

You can download a zip of all the legal docs here.

Here's how Mary Hodder explains it:

Jerry Reynolds, owner of in 1996 and 97 Jerry Reynolds, Owner of Netzilla in 1996 John Doe v. Ed Falk Sexzilla, the Spamking's porn site, is the top poster to UUNet in March, 1997

He's apparently filed (complaint here) SLAPP suits against two people, David Ritz and Ed Falk, who found that in the late 1990's, he was the largest spammer online (email wasn't so big then, but he had the largest porn spam operation on UUnet, with Sexzilla and Netzilla which were registered to Jerry Reynolds). And now he's using C&D's and these lawsuits to get whatever traces of the information that documents his spam and porn operation off of Google including search results and groups. He denies owning the site, btw, even though he was listed as administrative contact.

Reynolds has even gone so far as to subpoena Ritz' and Falk's computers and put a gag order on one, but the other one is out of jurisdiction (the suit is in North Dakota, though Falk lives and does business in CA).

Tomorrow, Ed Falk has to give a copy of all his computer harddrives to lawyers, who are still fighting over the jurisdiction issue. I think though that if this case went before a judge in CA, it would immediately be dismissed. All the evidence shows Reynolds was the SpamKing in 1999. Unfortunately, though, the case won't be resolved before Reynolds costs these guys thousands of dollars, and not before he has stopped at least Ritz from speaking out about the case.

The most recent lawsuits and C&D's have been filed by John Doe's or by Reynold's company, Sierra Corporate Designs.

The thing that is so despicable about this is not that he was once the biggest spammer and has moved on to other sorts of (legitimate?) business, but rather, that he would use the courts to have a few pieces of information about his old spam work removed, as if he were trying to rewrite history and squash people's rights to free speech. He was tracked as a spammer early in the 90's, but hit a peak in 1997 with porn spam, at least as far as UUNet / Usenet was concerned. He actually helped kill that community by turning it into a garbage heap for spam. And now he wants to evade responsibility for it. And in the process, cost Ritz and Falk a lot of money and time, defending the truth. Disgusting!

Jerry Reynold's lawyer denies he ever owned sexzilla and netzilla, even though the ownership records show otherwise Sierra Corporate Design's Gag Order Sierra Corporate Design's Cease & Desist Letter Sierra Corporate Design's 2004 website, courtesy of the

Read more about the lawsuit here.

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