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January 18, 2006
Dissent's Primal Deconstruction Gets Four Star Review In URB
Nice one for Wide Hive! A four star review in URB.

They call out the track Unison, which we released under a Creative Commons License.

(I've been working with dissent's Gregory Howe on a new band that I'll be able to tell you all about soon! I just want to have a track finished first :)
Here's the URB review of Primal Deconstruction:
URB - January 2006 - 4 Stars

"This funky hip-hop unit from Northern Cali [still led by Gregory Howe] takes a nice step forward on their fourth album. First is the more concentrated focus on tribal beats and techniques, although it doesn't overwhelm the smooth and inventive production. But even more impressive is the songwriting on cuts like "Unison," which highlight the vocals of Nathalie Sanchez and a semi-trip-hop taste that makes one of the best entries to the genre since Portishead went their merry way. But it's not really dour; rather upbeat, even when slow. Catchy, even when complex. "Kaleidosouls" is some fine neo-soul while "Native Time" rides a swinging beat against smooth jazz chords and some serious laser beam effects. This much melding doesn't usually come off so well, but Howe and company keep it tight. An unexpected pleasure." (Jack Real)

Posted by Lisa at January 18, 2006 10:36 AM
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