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April 07, 2006
danah boyd On The Oreilly Factor

Danah was on Oreilly Factor and Bill actually wasn't a complete dick. Go figure :-)

Wow. They call her a cultural anthropologist. Looks pretty cool on the screen. That's fer sure.

Nice job Danah.

(Hey I wanna be a cultural anthropologist! Maybe I can call myself that when I finish my masters...)
Update! Hey I'm not trying to be a smartass! I'm just jealous :-)
Sure, Danah looks like an ordinary anthropologist in this clip. But the few times I've met her, not long ago, she always had an extra sparkley dress or stripey pants or a huge floppy hat or something far from ordinary. It's like she's gone undercover.

Posted by Lisa at April 07, 2006 02:30 PM
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