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July 23, 2006
Cool New Library Of Human Rights Resources: Human Rights

Hey I just got an email with some important information about a new website for Human Rights Resources. It looks pretty useful:

Human Rights Tools

We would like to tell you about a new website for human rights professionals called
Human Rights Tools.

It offers four services:

1. A library of carefully selected and commented resources:

You will find:
- monitoring and fact-finding tools, advocacy tools and other essential resources
for human rights work
- thematic resources on the protection of detainees, human rights defenders,
refugees, and more
- the top online databases for resources on human rights law, refugee law and
humanitarian law

... and much more. We have even set up a section called "Your career" where you will
find job vacancies and training opportunities:

2. Key resources for country analysis:

To rapidly establish the human rights profile of a particular country and to
facilitate analysis and follow-up of developments, you can draw on a number of
resources listed here: the situation in terms of human rights, political and
conflict analysis, the economics, the legal instruments which that country has
ratified, and human rights-relevant news.

3. Daily updated human rights headlines:

This page will provide you with fresh human rights news from a selection of top
sources - all on one convenient page and updated automatically every time you visit.
We currently list headlines from the following sources: Human Rights Watch, Amnesty,
FIDH, Human Rights Listings, Reliefweb, Inter Press Service. Be sure to bookmark
this page!

4. Our newsletter:
If you are interested in receiving updates on new tools and resources, then
subscribe to our newsletter - we have several exciting issues in the pipeline:

Posted by Lisa at July 23, 2006 10:10 AM
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