October 05, 2006
Foleygate Is Upon Us

As usual, Tailrank has a nice memepage about it from the blogosphere.

It's quite a tangled cover-up. One that stretches far and wide across the Republican party. I've been collecting footage and actually trying to figure out how everyone's connected and such. They're turning on each other so fast, it's hard to keep up.

So I'll be posting up pieces of the puzzle, and some lists and maps and diagrams and things, so we can sort it all out.

The important part of the story is clear: Republican leaders made a conscious decision to keep quiet about Foley's pedophilia, and they did it for political reasons and personal gain.

Just when I thought these guys couldn't sink any lower. Now kids are fair game.

And they were trying to cover it up straight through to the end. Some of them were trying to strike a deal with ABC news - to give them an exclusive on Foley's resignation if they just wouldn't mention the emails.

It makes me wonder how many other deals like that with the media have been made over the last 6 years.

Oh well -- in this case, ABC News held out! Thanks ABC News :-)

Here's the
ABC News Blog story
that got the ball rolling.

ps. I knew the Repubs/Fox News were going to start bringing up Clinton/Lewinsky too, but it isn't a fair comparison, because they were two consenting adults (she was 22!) -- end of story.

pps. Now Fox News has Foley as a (D) Democrat when they show any clips of him!
wow! that's good! (More on this soon!)

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