Election 2006 - Plan B
October 27, 2006
Plan B - Getting Ready for this Year's Stolen Election

They wouldn't dare do it again. But what if they do? We need a Plan B.

I've been thinking about this for a long time, and trying to choose just the right words to delicately suggest that, despite all of the obvious developments over the last few months, whereby the public has made it perfectly clear that it is ready for a change in this country's leadership, that the Republican's might actually cheat again.

Yes, despite the obviousness of what they'd be doing, and even with the added risk of pulling it off this year while everyone's really paying close attention. The stakes are just too high to just hand their power back over.

And really, why wouldn't they just do it again, when the previous election takeovers were met with such minimal resistance?

Maybe we can be ready for action this year, instead of dumbfounded and scratching our heads, like it seems like we end up every two years, for going on six years now.

So... What if the Republicans did it again this year? What if they stole the election again, right in front of us.

Despite all of the evidence that it can't happen - it happens! What then?

If they steal another election, with everybody watching, can we all agree to do something about right away, the day after?

Could we be in the streets the next morning?

Where? We'll figure that out later. We can just flood the streets, and let the flash mobs figure it out. Right?

Well. As of this evening, I'm really, seriously, asking you about this.

Why now more than ever? Because tonight, Keith Olberman did a piece contrasting the overwhelming numbers across the board in favor of the Democrats taking over with a recording of Karl Rove on NPR explaining how, by his calculations, the Republicans should retain the House and Senate, like always, saying "You may end up with a different math but you're entitled to your math. I'm entitled to The Math."

And I realized it's not a question of "what are we gonna do if."

It's really a question of "what are we going to do when."

We're not really going to stand for this again. Are we?

Can we become mentally prepared enough over the next 13 days to be ready to take some kind of real action?

Talk to me people.

Posted by Lisa at October 27, 2006 12:46 AM
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