Anti-War In Iraq Music
January 28, 2007
New Song: Improving

This song is about the crazy idea that any kind of "democracy" the U.S. brought to Iraq could be worth the death of a single Iraqi person.

It's like someone saying:

"Ok here's the plan. First, we bomb all your public water and power systems, then we don't actually rebuild them, so a lot of you are going to die off from that.

Next, your brother and aunt die when us or the insurgents bomb them by mistake.

Next, you get democracy!

See!? It's a bargain!."

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Words and Music By Lisa Rein

Cut off the power lines my friend
Shut off the water too
The benefits will never end
When we're done bringing this to you

We're just improving

Kill off your family one by one
but we'll give you some rights when we're all done
It's such a drag
but it's not us!
If you can tough it out
You'll make it.



(As recorded into my laptop using Audio Recorder, as always...) This track is available under a
Creative Commons Attribution License

Posted by Lisa at January 28, 2007 05:23 PM
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