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April 02, 2007
New Song: Last Digression


Last Digression
(written around 1997)

Words and Music by Lisa Rein
Guitar and vocals by Lisa Rein

In my mind
In my head
I can't seem to find
an answer to my questions
I can see them
I can hear in their direction
through the darkness
and the madness
and the emptyness
getting closer to
a vacuum-filled unconsciousness
a false impression
of my very last digression

by my side
in your bed
you will never find
the secret to your laughter
and you don't seem to mind
that you cannot find an answer
to the darkness and the madness
ad the emptyness
getting closer to the memory
of your consciousness
a fool's procession towards your very last

a confession in my mind
to your lighter side
that's hiding all the answers

second chances
heavy breathers breathing one last breath
confounded by the sounding of a warning
a confession
vivisection of your memories
and they seduce me

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons License.

Posted by Lisa at April 02, 2007 12:41 AM
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