Second Life - Step by Step
July 13, 2007
Come Visit Me In My Metaverse Playpen In Second Life

My 'Metaverse Playpen' (go there)

Okay! Time to start telling my tale of Second Life.

I've been sitting on all this information for far too long, but I just wanted to make sure that I had really thought about it well enough and was able to restructure the information in such a way that would be most useful to everyone.

Today I start posting and indexing and hopefully things will start to self organize a bit.

It's taken me two weeks to figure out that it's just too hard to start from the beginning, so I'll have to back track from time to time -- to fill in the backstory and such.

So let's start off with the land I finally leased successfully! That was an adventure in itself, let me tell you. (Another day - but the story will be linked to from here...)

Let this post serve as a formal and open-ended invitation to come experiment in my Metaverse Playpen. (Teleport Now)

I've left the permissions open, so it's basically my own "sandbox," for those of you who know what that is. "Sandboxes" are public land where you can experiment with building and programming objects. Otherwise, you have to own your own land to do so. (If still don't understand quite yet, no worries -- you'll know in a minute, because it's the subject of the next post.)

I tend to leave my Second Life window open like my IM window or my twitter window - so I should hear you if you come online and slIM (second life IM) me or something. (It will become important later to distinguish between a Second Life IM window (slIM) and a "regular" IM window, AIM, yahoo, whatever later...which is the only reason I make this distinction now.)

I tend to be in there paying more attention at night after 10pm, but if you'd like to meet in world at another time, just ask.

There isn't a lot there right now. I have a little furniture and some example objects for you to use as examples for the learning assignments I'm putting together.

Second Life A-Z

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Me A to Z (A Work In Progress)