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August 04, 2007
How To Teleport Friends To Your Location

Summary: This post explains how to send Friends teleport requests. So they can easily transport to your location with one click from wherever they are.

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  1. Click on the "Friends" button (Now "Communication" in the latest version) on the lower left third of your SL window.

  2. Select the friend who is currently online that you wish to send the teleport request to. (The friends online will be bolded and at the top of the list.)

  3. After selecting the friend, click on "Teleport."

    • A window will pop up asking you "Offer to teleport to your location with the following message? And then a form box where you can type something in. The default is "Join me in location X" -- Click OK.

    • Your friend will receive your teleport invitation and can click on it to teleport to your exact location.

      (I emphasize this because, as my friend noted last night, if you are flying around, and floating when you send your teleport request, your friend will be teleported to that location in the sky, and if their "fly" isn't on, will fall to the ground! :)

    Let me know that these instructions work for you! (Or not :-)

    Posted by Lisa at August 04, 2007 11:08 AM
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