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October 07, 2007
Flying Around And Exploring the Long Now's Alice In Wonderland Exhibit In Second Life

So I've been sitting on these second life movies for months now and I just have to start putting them up!

Here's one from July, that I actually edited when I was in Vancouver, of me flying around for a while, ending up at the Long Now Foundation's Alice Wonderland Exhibit, and walking around a bit.

The music's cool because it's a Dr. GoldKlang remix of my acapella track on cc mixter that rocks too... (And it mixes me with death metal vocals, which I totally dig :-)

This whole thing is now available under an Attribution Non-Commercial 2.5 License...(per the cc mixter song's terms)

ok it's late...but I just *could not believe that i spent like days working on this thing and then just, didn't put it up. (Except on Facebook. And that doesn't count...walled garden and such :-)

ok hope ya like it...

Posted by Lisa at October 07, 2007 11:02 PM
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