Adventures In Hacktivism - March 20, 2003
March 19, 2008
My Protest Pal Kevin Burton Recounts Our Crazy Adventures on March 20, 2003

My pal Kevvy writes a great post looking back on the protests of March 20, 2003.

Oh the good times! Being threatened by officers donned with clubs! Trampled by horses in broad daylight, and to a good soundtrack even!

This was one of the first flashmob protests too! Even we didn't know where we were going until the people that had text messaging/blackberries told us :-)

This will still always be the most frightening cilp i think. (blog entry that goes with it)
(But that's only because I never got the horse trampling footage up.)

So what's changed between now and then? Not a whole hell of a lot, except we're not in the streets anymore. What the hell's up with that? We're spending billions of dollars a day on this fucking war, and it has all played out just like we said it would - corrupt war profiteering businesspeople and politicians have openly traded blood for oil -- which was why we were protesting in the first place, but somehow, when what we said was gonna happen, happened, we got discouraged and just... I dunno... just gave up I guess. It's pretty lame.

There was a pathetic little protest in Berkeley today, and they couldn't even agree whose turn it was to speak -- I mean they were arguing about it. And I didn't know which was worse, that their protest was so pathetic, or that I had the nerve to call their protest pathetic, when I was even more pathetic for not having gone to a protest in years. (Years!)

And then Kevin sent me this link, and I realized that five years had gone by since I cared enough to stand up against this war, and then I realized that, over the last five years, since the war has actually started, I don't feel like I've done enough, not nearly enough, to try to stop this war.


Thanks Kevin! For the Reminder! Let's rekindle
our protest tradition soon

And please protest organizers! Let's make sure we have good DJs and musicians for the protests ok!?

I'll do my part to help out with that, I promise. Email me and I will hook you up with great talent - free of charge!! I know lots of great musicians/artists/djs that are ready to come together to make a difference!

That's why this protest was so cool, for instance...

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