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April 01, 2009
Contact Conference This Fri-Sun at NASA Ames

Last year's Contact conference was one of my favorite conferences of all time.

The focus of Contact is really hard to explain, but I'll try: Space Exploration, Artificial Intelligence, Music, Science Fiction, Film making, Singularity stuff, Robot stuff, Artificial Life, Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality, Space Colonization, Astrobiology, Astropsychology, Astrosociology, Biotech, Bioinformatics... -- and *really* on all of it! (and I'm sure I'm forgetting something) -- ALL this stuff is covered -- and well!

Just go if you can. Registration is a bargain, and there's a student rate!

Check out the speaker list.

Posted by Lisa at April 01, 2009 02:54 PM
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