October 19, 2009
My Singularity Summit Coverage For H+ Magazine

The Singularity Summit that happened a few weekends ago in New York City was quite the blast, and I had a great time covering it for h+ Magazine.

My brain is still recovering from the influx of strange and bizarre information -- combined with a cast of characters, some with goals straight out of a science fiction movie.

Anders Sandberg and Randal Keone discussed Whole Brain Emulation.

Itamar Arel covered Artificial General Intelligence.

Ben Goertzel covered AGI and Bioinformatics and Virtual Worlds.

Gary Marcus talked about How the Brain Thinks (whether we want it to that way or not :-)

Peter Thiel has something keeping him awake at night, and it's not what you might think: Peter Thiel's greatest fear.

Ray Kurzweil on Quantum Computing in the Brain and Consciousness.

Michael Nielsen gave us Quantum Computing 101 Course.

Anna Salamon kicked things off discussing how we might shape the intelligence explosion.

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