Bye-Bye Cheney
July 11, 2002
Cheney Exposed - One Word Says It All: Halliburton

Well I hope Dick Cheney enjoyed being president for a few hours last week during Bush's colonoscopy, because it might be the last he sees of either presidential office after all of the facts surrounding his stint as Chairman and Chief Executive of Halliburton come to light.

Now Cheney's being accused of defrauding shareholders -- something even rich people don't take too kindly to.

The public is also being reminded of Cheney's strong ties to Arthur Andersen, courtesy of a recent emergence of a promotional video where he personally vouches for Andersen Consulting.

Here are some BBC stories with more details:

Anti-corruption group sues Cheney

Cheney accused of corporate fraud

Accounts probe at Cheney firm

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