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August 05, 2002
Join Me On My Quest To "Contact My Representatives"

So I decided to find out who "my representatives" were so I could start writing/faxing to them and begin to research who they are their polical history etc. to see if I want to vote for them in the future (and things like that).

One of the subjects that kept coming up at the OSCON 2002 conference a few weeks ago was the feeling of helplessness among conference goers who wanted to get more involved, but didn't know exactly where to begin.

Alas, it's a process I myself have started on more than one occasion, and abandoned for one frustrating reason or another every time. It can be pretty complicated getting started.

Nevertheless, I've decided to get the show on the road, and practice what I preach basically, and figure out where my reps are and what the story is on them so that I can convey the information to a wider audience. It is my goal to set something up for California -- and then perhaps others might take on the task for their states -- and maybe we can get a little organization going and get something accomplished in this upcoming election.

So off I go on my little "Ms. Smith Virtually Goes To Washington." How hard can it be to put together some lists of reps and their fax numbers? We're a gonna find out...

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