Adventures in Hacktivism
August 05, 2002
Hanging Out At

Adventures in Hacktivism -- Day 1:

1) I type "congress" into Google.

2) Click on the 3rd or 4th thing down (not google's fault - ambiguous query :-)
on something that says " - Write to Congress, the President and State..."
-- cause that's what I wanna do - write to these guys...

3) I end up on - which is not actually a government or non-profit operation, as I initially suspected when I entered the website. It is actually a demonstration website for a product of Capital Advantage, who provides the demo as a "public service".

That said (that it's an infotisement -- which is a "nice" way of saying "an advertisement that informs") I'd like to say that it's a darn useful advertisement, and I look forward to more functional advertisements just like it in the future!

I'll just be over here checking out voting records (by zipcode) for a while...

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