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November 04, 2002
Handy Linked Rep Tables for the CA and NY Elections

These tables are just an experiment I've been working on with my friend Jim Woolum over the last few months.

Each Senator/Congressperson's listing (Senators are on the top, and then in alphabetical order) includes:
Name, Party, District, Date First Elected, Date Up For Reelection and direct links to competitor in tomorrow's election, complete mailing addresses for both Legislative and District Offices, Voice Number, Fax Number, Email, and Major Funders.

California Reps.

New York Reps.

Please let me know if the information they contain is useful.

I also look forward to any general feedback regarding how they can be improved.

It is my goal to have tables like this for every state of the union. It's part of a larger project I'm working on that I can't talk about yet.
(Or I would have to kill me.)

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