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November 05, 2002
Get Out There and Vote!

As is often the case,
Ryan Junell
has sent out an email articulating
my sentiments exactly.

This time, it's about getting out there and VOTING TODAY!

Here's where you can
find your polling place
in the San Francisco Bay Area

Here's where you can
read about state and local measures

in California

------------------------------------------------------ AMBIVALENT SAN FRANCISCO DROPOUT -> VOTE NOVEMBER 5th! ------------------------------------------------------ if you are registered to vote, then dudes... you gotta get out and vote. don't slack. our activity is what makes san francisco such a special place to live. here are some voter stats in sf that I think are interesting. we have one of the highest registered voter populations in the country, though we are terrible at actually showing up to vote. I recall about a fourth of us actually showed up to vote in the last election. voting is one very powerful and specific way of seeing our values reflected in public policy. plus... it's fun!

so... find your polling place

(and click on "Polling Place Lookup")

so... read about state/local measures

San Francisco Registered Voter Stats - October 7, 2002
eligible 574,401
registered 441,654 (76.89%) !!!
democratic 244,309 (55.32%)
decl. to state 110,722 (25.07%)
republican 57,852 (13.10%)
green 13,095 (2.96%)
am. ind. 8,002 (1.81%)
libertarian 2,811 (0.64%)
natural law 1,044 (0.24%)
reform 1,046 (0.24%)
misc 2,773 (0.63%)


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