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March 22, 2003
4 American Soldiers and 8 British Soldiers That Didn't Have To Die

This tragic accident only emphasizes the dangerous situation our troops are up against over there.

It's too dangerous to even fly a helicopter safely during a sandstorm.

Here are more details from a KTVU News broadcast here in San Francisco.

If someone knows more information about the 8 British soldiers that were killed, please let me know so that I can post their information here.

These soldiers that are dying for oil aren't just numbers on a page. They are human beings with names and families. How many human beings must die for this war of "Iraqi Freedom"?

Entire Clip - About the 4 Americans Dead In Kuwait (9 MB)

Kendal Damon Waters-Bey's Father (2 MB)

Jay Thomas Aubin's Family (2 MB)

"President Bush, you took my only son away from me."

Entire Clip - About the 4 Americans Dead In Kuwait (9 MB)

Kendal Damon Waters-Bey's Father (2 MB)

Jay Thomas Aubin's Family (2 MB)

Posted by Lisa at March 22, 2003 02:09 PM | TrackBack
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Are the 5,000 or so Kurds that Sadaam killed -- in a single day -- more than just numbers on a page to you? When those Kurds were executed by chemical gas, did they imagine that someday their country would be liberated while some bleated "no blood for oil"? Human beings with names and families, every one. Does not your sense of "social justice" cry out for those innocent people? Why are you so insistent on condemning our president and our government and saying nothing about this madman?

Posted by: brian on March 22, 2003 05:39 PM

Lisa Rein,

You just don't get it!

The very fact that you have the
"Constitutional right" to have and run this site, and comment against YOUR Government, is directly attributable to these military members who volunteered to defend our freedoms.

"Freedom isn't free"

But for those of you who benefit from THEIR actions, enjoy it.

Makes me wonder how this site, and your comments against a Dictatorship style government in Iraq would surive if you were in Iraq?

It isn't for the oil!

You just don't get it!

Posted by: Tommy on March 24, 2003 08:09 AM

Last November 2002, GW Bush and the U.S. Oil companies met in Washington to discuss divvying up the spoils of Iraq.

You don't suppose they met to discuss "spoiled food," do you..?

This invasion is for their benefit, which hadn't even started, at that time.. But they couldn't wait, since they have to do capacity-planning well in advance of this fabulous windfall.

The Axis of Oil is taking over the Middle East. Visit if you don't believe it.

Hope you got that!

Posted by: Stan on March 27, 2003 02:31 PM

The marines in Iraq are there for the best reason in the world. Saddam is suspected of having nuclear weapons with out the knowwing from the UN. this is highly illegal. Any ways, If there in no weapons of mass destruction, Saddam was a very evil man. He killed people just for saying stuff agianst him. you saying stuff about President Bush. He killed people just for the heck of it. He did it for his own pleasure. Now that is just cruel and unhumane. I say we should support bush and the U.S. troops t liberate Iraq and bring the Iraqis out of fear.

Posted by: military teen on February 12, 2004 08:35 PM
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