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March 23, 2003
CNN Interviews Patriotic Protester Yesterday In New York

CNN and Maria Hinojosa really came through yesterday with a slice of truth from the NY Protests that went on all day yesterday.

CNN seems particularly sensitive to accusations of the "popular media" not covering the protests properly. As a result, CNN seems to be making an extra effort to get a little real news in between the talking heads that don't say anythiing being constantly rebroadcast on all of the other news channels.

Thanks CNN. Thank you, Maria Hinojosa! Keep up the good work!
Can this be the same CNN that put a stop to Kevin Sites' War Blog!

CNN's Maria Hinojosa Interviews Harriet -- Complete Clip (Small - 12 MB)
CNN's Maria Hinojosa Interviews Harriet -- Complete Clip (Hi-res - 78 MB)

Audio - CNN's Maria Hinojosa Interviews Harriet -- All (MP3 - 4 MB)

Interview with Harriet (Only) (Small - 8 MB)

Audio Of Harriet (Only) (MP3- 2 MB)

Maria Hinojosa: "Your 75 years old. Why are you taking to the streets even though the War is well under way."

Harriet: "It's not a "War" that's under way. It's a "massacre" that's under way. An "invasion" that's under way...They've already given out contracts for the reconstruction to companies like Halliburton..."

Maria Hinojosa: "Do you think that the politicians in Washington will be moved by the tens of thousands of people that have come out into the streets here in New York and in other cities around the world?

Harriet: "King Bush. The resident of the White House, says he doesn't listen to anybody. And it's true. He may not. But we've got to keep coming out. And it may slow them down a little, but not much. That doesn't matter. We're going to get America back -- for the people."

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Me A to Z (A Work In Progress)

thanks for the clip. still, it's one tiny drop in a huge ocean of misinformation.

Posted by: david on March 23, 2003 11:16 AM
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