The Shrub War
March 29, 2003
An Arsenal Of Informative Articles From Truthout This Morning

I'm in a hurry and I realized that my plan for this morning consisted of republishing the links that t r u t h o u t had prepared for me this morning.

So I'm going to just shamelessly republish them here.

You can subscribe for yourselves if you want to get the same information I do every morning. I highly recommend it:

Air Raids Pound Baghdad, 50+ Civilians Dead

Outspoken Army General Upsets White House

A 'Turkey Shoot,' but With Marines as Targets

Robert Fisk | Raw, Devastating Realities About Basra

News From Iraq Causes Americans to Think Again

Analyst: 'Mass Destruction Weapons Need to be Found'

Bush Frustrated with Media Coverage of War

Missteps with Turkey Prove Costly

Jesse Jackson Jr. | From Gunboat Diplomacy To Gunpoint Democracy

Paul Krugman | Delusions of Power

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Me A to Z (A Work In Progress)

75 billion for the war! A $400 billion dollar defecit this year so far - the greatest in America's history.

Hey, man, the bill for that big government credit card ends up coming to our houses. I am dying to buy one of those PC Tablet thingies and I definitely do not want my tax bill going up.

Here's what I propose and I think we should all write our senators and representatives about this today.

Let's tax the rest of the world to pay for this war and the wars that will follow. We're out there getting killed to bring them Coca-cola, peace and democracy. Why should we foot the bill?

Six billion people in the world takeaway 250 million - that's 5.75 billion potential taxpayers (excluding all of us of course!). I figure we need a trillion dollars to get us past Syria, Pakistan, North Korea, etc.; another trillion to rebuild; and another trillion as bonuses to those who sponsored the wars plan (e.g. contracts for Haliburton and friends).

What's $3 trillion divided by 5.75 billion? Quick, do it in your head. Just kidding. Hey, it's only like $500 per person - less than $2 per day! They won't object to that will they -- and if they do, well, we may have a few less taxpayers do draw on if you know what I mean.

Shoot. I forgot. The average wage in Bangladesh is $120 per year. And they don't have much money in countries like North Korea, do they? OK, let's alter this proposal a little bit. Those who can't pay us for the wars prior to our conquering their countries will be allowed to work for us in special camps after they are conquered. This is also a good way to teach them about capitalism. Work for an hour, make a dollar. One day you too can be rich like us.

Don't delay. Write your senators and representatives today. Tell 'em it was George Butcher's idea please. I want full credit. I don't think a Nobel Peace Prize is out of the question here - I've always wanted to win one.

Posted by: George Butcher on March 29, 2003 11:49 AM
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