April 04, 2003
Lots Of Stuff On The Way Today...

Okay sorry for the light postings yesterday. Sometimes it's easier for me to crunch more video clips if I do a bunch of them at once and kind of get into a rhythm of sorts.

In the kitty: Chris Rock on the Daily Show, Paul McCartney chills out a bit for the Pope (but gets in a funny), more Daily Show updates on my country's beligerent Secretary of Defense and new found McCarthyesque trends, and a clip from a 1974 Rockford Files episode that won't need any explaination once you see it for yourself.

I've got a bit of reading to do for school (that I won't do if I don't do it before I start posting because I know how I am) and then the games will begin...

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Me A to Z (A Work In Progress)


I am trying to find a clip of kelly preston from the daily show on April 2nd - do you have that posted somewhere?

Thanks in advance

Posted by: Kristin on April 4, 2003 10:45 AM
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