May 10, 2003 - Free Peace Concert In Golden Gate Park
May 10, 2003
Heading Out To Golden Gate Park Today

Today at 1pm there will be a big peace concert in the park.

(Complete music schedule below.)

I'll be singing a really short song around 12:30 pm with my friend Audrey Howard.

(We're doing harmonies on a cover of Green Day's Life During Wartime.)

It would be great to have a big turn out for this thing.

I will be video taping portions of it, and audio recording the whole thing.

DJ Praxis will be holding it together all day - MP3 of "dem bonez" -- and most likely spinning while the sun sets after the main show is over.

Michael Franti (Spearhead) goes on at 2:30 pm.

Free Peoples is headlining, and they go on around 4:30 pm.

Here's more about them:

Free Peoples is a Bay Area-based band playing a style fusing bluegrass, folk and jazz. The members come from various projects local to Los Angeles and San Francisco, most notably, Trichromes, Buzz, Spirit Level and Top Four Flights. Tim Sawyer is on lead vocals and Guitar. Johnny Downer plays lead guitar and vocals. Michael DiPirro is on bass and vocals.

Special Guest on Free Peoples new self titled cd includes; Tony Trischka on banjo, Tom Rozum on Mandolin, David Phillips on Dobro and Chad Clouse on fiddle.

Mike D can also be seen with his other project, The Trichromes, featuring Billy Kreutzmann of the Grateful Dead.

(Complete music schedule below.)

Public Transit: 5 Fulton to 30th Avenue. It is a very short downhill block to J.F.K.
Drive and you're there!

If you are driving the park is open for traffic west of 19th Avenue and it
is easiest to find the meadow if you enter from Fulton St. and 30th Avenue.

Complete Music Schedule

12:30 pm Lisa Rein and Audrey Howard (like if you blink, you'll miss us :-)

12:45 pm Ara Avakian (singer/songwriter) &
Eric Hellweg (singer/songwriter)

1:00 pm DJ Praxis

1:20 pm Irina and MNO - World Music Meets Electronica Laptops + live

1:40 pm Pushing Destinations hip-hop

2:00 pm Andrea Pritchett

2:30 pm Michael Franti

3:00 pm Red Guard

3:35 pm Raz K’dee

3:50 pm Deep (Hip Hop)

4:05 pm Shailja Patel (South Asian Spoken word)

4:20 pm Samantha Hynes (Student from Oakland High School)

4:35 pm Free Peoples bluegrass/folk/jazz mix

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