June 15, 2003
Free Patti Smith Concert Today In Berkeley

I don't have a link for it, but I do know that Patti Smith is giving a free concert today (like an entire set, w/opening bands and everything concert type concert) from 1-4pm in the middle of Berkeley at McLaren Park. Patti wanted to thank everyone for their hard work these last few months.

That's my local stomping ground, so I thought I'd provide some directions.


BART: Just get off at the Berkeley Bart station and walk two blocks AWAY from campus. Ask someone if you don't see it immediately :-)

Driving - Don't. No really. You're whole day will be easier if you don't. At the very least, park at another bart station (like Coliseum Bart - where there's lots of parking always) and take Bart in. (Coliseum Bart is off the 66th St. or Hegenburger exits off of 880 south).

No really: the trick if you're going to drive in (if you're coming from far away and you can't help it) is to get there at least an hour or two before the show with at least 10 bucks for parking money. Parking is pricey in Berkeley.

Get on 80 North to Berkeley/Sacramento or South to Berkeley/Oakland/San Francisco. Depending on which direction you're coming from here are directions:

If you're coming from the south on 80, or from San Francisco, I would take 580 to 24 to the 51st/Martin Luther King exit, and then stay to the left to get on MLK. Take MLK all the way past Ashby street and park if you can. Otherwise look for parking lots that might be around.

If you end up on 80 north (easier to figure out), get off at "Ashby" and continue along Ashby until you have crossed Sacramento Street. Then start looking for parking and take it if you see any. Otherwise, when you get to Martin Luther King Jr. Way, make a left and pay for the pricey parking lots that will start showing up that I mention above. My guess is that MLK will be blocked off at some point.

If you cross MLK (on Ashby) make sure you turn left on the next intersection (Shattuck). After you take a left there, if you see parking, take it. (Shattuck and MLK run parallel.) If you cross "Haste" street, you'll want to park or turn off of Shattuck immediately because my guess is that driving right next to the Bart station (from Durant north) will be messy.

From the north take the University exit off of 80, and continue on University for many blocks. After you've passed Sacramento Street, if you see parking, take it. Otherwise, make a right on Martin Luther King Jr. Way and look for the pricey parking.

Hope this helps.

Sorry I can't be there today. I'm taking to day to catch up on my iLaw homework. (It's labor of love, believe me -- I am really digging the program!)

If you came from out of town to go to the concert, you should hang around in Berkeley for the evening and head up to the spam cybersalon for dinner afterwards. (See you there!)

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Me A to Z (A Work In Progress)

"Because the night belongs to us, because the night belongs to uh - us....."

I once gigged with Lenny Kaye - her onetime man and bandmate. Rock against Racism - Chicago '78.

Say hi to Sylvia for me. We're doing the North beach fair first - then heading over to catch the grandmother of punk. My sons will dig it - especially after seeing White Stripes, Deftones and Foo Foghters on Friday. He (my eldest Aryeh) got stuck in the mosh pit - and almost got creamed during 'The Donnas'.

Happy Father's Day:

Posted by: Marc Canter on June 15, 2003 10:28 AM
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