June 15, 2003
More Apologies For The Barrage Brief Posts That You Are About To Witness

Hi guys. I had to make a decision with regard to what I could actually get done this weekend and what clips were important for people to see. It turns out they're all pretty important, so I'm going to give you guys "Small" versions of all of them, and see if I get around to posting pictures and Hi-res versions later.

I didn't want to risk not getting them all up today (there are like 8 of them)...So that's why there's a lot of links and not much explaining going on today (kinda like Friday night).

It's subtle, but I believe there is a lot of important information in these clips, and I wanted to post them on a Sunday, when you guys might actually have a chance to look at all of them.

I would appreciate it if you guys would post news articles regarding these stories to my comments if you run across any. (Well, in general, I really like that, but especially regarding any of these stories.)


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