June 25, 2003
What Do Barbie and I Have In Common?

Barbie and I are both mentioned in this nice little intro about blogging by Deirdre Clemente.

I sure never thought me and Barbie would be mentioned in the same breath about anything...

Wow I didn't realize that 35 of bloggers are women now. Great start.

Blogging. It may sound like a fraternity hazing ritual but these days, everybody is doing it. Disoriented new moms, disgruntled teens, and somewhat sickening thirtysomethings are enthusiastically creating and maintaining weblogs or “blogs” --online journals that feature everything from boyfriend bashing to baby food reviews. Even Barbie has a blog.

Although they’ve been around since the mid-nineties, “blogs” had been reserved for techies and professional writers. In 1999, there were only an estimated 100 blogs in existence; today, the number is around one million. In a traditionally male forum, a whopping 35 percent of these blossoming bloggers are women.

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