Howard Dean For President In 2004
June 25, 2003
Video and Audio Of Penelope Houston At Howard Dean Rally In San Francisco

Penelope Houston performed two songs at the San Francisco node of Howard Dean's nationwide launch last Monday night, June 23, 2003.

I've created a couple different edits of these movies:

- Movies that have both songs, with an introduction to the second song in the middle.
- Movies consisting of each song as a separate clip.
- A "radio edit" of "Scum" in case you wish to add it to your MP3 collection without having to listen to the talking at the beginning everytime (although Penelope teaching the audience the words to the song is pretty fun to listen to).

(That's me singing backup along with the guitar player at the end of "Scum." I think it came out pretty good actually, considering :-)

Penelope has asked me to retain our traditional copyright on this footage until she has a chance to look over the Creative Commons Licenses in more detail. (Sounds fair to me!)

Thanks again for an incredible show, Penelope!

Penelope Houston At Howard Dean Rally - "American In Me" and "Scum" (With intro to "Scum" in between)
Penelope Houston - Both Songs (Small - 17 MB)
Penelope Houston - Both Songs (Hi-res - 234 MB)
Audio - Penelope Houston - Both Songs (MP3 - 8 MB)

Penelope Houston At Howard Dean Rally - "American In Me"
Penelope Houston - American In Me (Small - 7 MB)
Penelope Houston - American In Me (Hi-res - 92 MB)
Audio - Penelope Houston - American In Me (MP3 - 3 MB)

Penelope Houston At Howard Dean Rally - "Scum" (w/intro)
Penelope Houston - Scum w/intro (Small - 10 MB)
Penelope Houston - Scum w/intro (Hi-res - 137 MB)
Audio - Penelope Houston - Scum w/intro (MP3 - 5 MB)

Penelope Houston At Howard Dean Rally - "Scum" (Radio Edit - no intro)
Penelope Houston - Scum (Radio Edit) (Small - 8 MB)
Penelope Houston - Scum (Radio Edit) (Hi-res - 111 MB)
Audio - Penelope Houston - Scum (Radio Edit) (MP3 - 4 MB)

Posted by Lisa at June 25, 2003 03:24 PM | TrackBack
Me A to Z (A Work In Progress)

Hi. I got a mix cd with Penelope Houston singing "The Quality of Mercy" and loved her voice and songs, and did a search on her and ended up here!

Thanks for Creative Commons, if it was created by you. Most of us just stuck copyright symbols on everything without knowing what we are doing, and I got a Creative Commons license when I saw it could at least give some ground to stand on to those of us who are clueless about such matters.

Right on, also, about what you are writing about in the rest of your blog. We are on the verge of one party being in control for a long long time to come unless people realize that it's now or never.

Posted by: stacey on April 14, 2004 07:55 PM
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