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June 29, 2003
Day 3: Photos From Egypt

You might want to go check out Day 2 again, because I just added photos there too.

Date: 6/28/03
Time: 7:42pm



This is day three and things are still moving pretty fast, especially by Egyptian standards. Shockingly, all the equipment arrived, and the arrival coincided with our arrival, so we're really stoked about that.

We're going to buy some PCs tomorrow (which is a bit complicated here-- it's not going to CompUSA and whipping out the credit cards) and then we'll be ready to roll out books on demand.

We've been exploring Alexandria more and more, and get more and more enchanted by it. We smoked hookah (flavored tobacco) last night and drank Turkish coffee after a 10hour work day.

We hope to head to Cairo on Tuesday to meet with a human rights activism group that's also based in the States and focuses on digital divide issues as well.

More pics attached.


Warning: the photo below is linked to a really big file that may crash your browser if you're on an older system or a system with lousy memory! (So don't click on it if that may be a problem.)

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