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June 29, 2003
Day 4: Printing Station Set Up!

Date: 6/29/03
Time: 4:58 pm

Day...4! Still making steady progress with the Library's stationary printing and binding unit. Unfortunately, the laserjet has been causing yet more troubles (in addition to the concerns that it might be used for counterfeiting money) since it came as 110v instead of 220v. Nothing a transformer can't take care of though.

We worked on getting signage for the station today, and, after my weak attempts at taking pitcures of it in use, had a pro. photographer and designer from the lib. do the work for the signs.

Tomorrow we go van shopping and then Tuesday off to Cairo to meet with a Human Rights activist who's based here and in the States.

Hopefully tonight we can find some of Alexandria's famous seafood, since we've been mainly eating when there has been time (and, yes, I actually ate at McDonald's once...pathetic).

Here's some more pics. Enjoy.

Ashley in Egypt.

Warning: the photo below is linked to a really big file that may crash your browser if you're on an older system or a system with lousy memory! (So don't click on it if that may be a problem.)

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