ILaw 2003
July 16, 2003
ILAW 2003 - Day 2 - July 1, 2003 - AM 1 of 2 - Yochai Benkler - Architecture For Non-Technical People

This is from the first session on the second day of ILAW at Stanford, July 1, 2003.

My notes are located beneath the photographs.

Yochai Benkler was as amazing as ever (I've been a big fan since the Spectrum Conference -- note that there's no link there because I still haven't uploaded it...argh...)

Yochai On Architecture - Part 1 of 4
(Small - 62 MB)

Yochai On Architecture - Part 2 of 4
(Small - 62 MB)

Yochai On Architecture - Part 3 of 4
(Small - 50 MB)

Yochai On Architecture - Part 4 of 4
(Small - 16 MB)

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Lotsa notes on this one:

Day 2 - Tape 1

7:15 - slide of a communications channel

9:57 - one of the things at stake is democracy

What Terry Fisher explained yesterday as "political democracy"

12:00 QOS Dangers

14:10 - innovation

19:00 architecture for non-techs

28:10 - "Monopoly and a half"

31:25 - Thing that changed from the last 100 years

35:50 - Verizon's competitor division makes more money than the entire recording industry

39:35- FCC notice of inquiry

42:00 intra-modal "competition within the mode of transmission"

"Maybe competition between these modes is all we need?" - Yochai


44:30 - Do two pipelines a competitive market make?

50:00 - Where "the internet" fits into the cable and telecom

51:20 - where wireless fits in

53:50 - Personal Area Networks

Day 2 - Tape 2 (Yochai continued)

:47 - No owner of the network

-No license required

5:01 - old vs. new world

7:50 - "Mary had a little lamb" - example

Smart receivers and how they work.

10:50 - Processing gain

The use of intelligent receivers

12:20 - cooperation gain

14:30 - repeater networks

How they will work like cellphones.

15:10 - multi-user information theory

multi-user detections

16:20 - Does adding users cost nothing because each user adds their own capacity to the network?

We don't know for sure, yet. But it's definitely possible. (paraphrase)

21:00 - "efficient" use of spectrum can't be defined

23:00 - duopoly

25:28 - Trusted systems

27:25 - could be open or closed

How one can control it all if they control one layer.

35:36 - Version putting wifi in its phone booths in NY

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Thanks very much for this coverage, it, and the material from the Spectrum Conference are very useful.

While the video and audio suffer a little, it is not how well the bear dances, it is that the bear dances at all.

I only wish more conferences would do this kind of coverage, O'Reilly's Open Source, SuperNova et al. It's very unlikely I'll ever make it across the Pacific, let alone your country, but the flow of policy and thought in the other direction makes it critical that we know what is going on and this kind of coverage is marvellous for that.


Unless they are way better on the larger version of the video (and thanks for putting the .jpgs here, even they are difficult to recognise) you may as well ignore the slides, better Yochai puts them up seperately (with a link) and then the video and they can be watched together.

Unless (and I suspect it is) audio sensitivity is directional, I wouldn't swing around to questioners, and some of the pan shots are, giddying...

Fantastic stuff, fantastic people, and though thousands of miles away, and not fantastically funded, I can observe, and via this method, or email, almost participate.

Posted by: Hamish MacEwan on July 24, 2003 08:43 PM
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