ILaw 2003
July 18, 2003
ILAW 2003 - Day 2 - July 1, 2003 - PM 1 of 2 - Reed H. Hundt and Leslie Vadasz

This is a placeholder for the brief panel with former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt and Leslie L. Vadasz, Director Emeritus, Intel Corporation that took place during the first part of Tuesday afternoon at ILAW 2003.

I had only recorded a portion of their presentations and the Q and A afterwards, because I hadn't brought enough tape for the entire day and I didn't want to miss the governance tag team with Jonathan Zittrain and Terry Fisher that was scheduled afterwards.

As it turns out, Reed Hundt asked that I not publish his presentation (which was quite a surprise considering that it didn't seem like he had said anything that could be construed as even remotely controversial).

So this entry is just a placeholder for what would have gone here.

Note: Except for Jonathan Zittrain's introductory presentation (Day 1-AM 1) and this presentation (Day 2 - PM 1), my ILAW 2003 video archive will contain the conference in its entirety.

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