ILaw 2003
July 24, 2003
ILAW 2003 - Day 3 - July 2, 2003 - AM 1 of 2 - How Technology, Law and the Market Affect The Web's Content Layer

This panel also includes a lot of illegal art so I've included it in the appropriate category.

This is a panel featuring Google's Alex Macgillivray, the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Wendy Seltzer and Glenn Otis Brown of the Creative Commons.

Introduction from Larry:

Yesterday, we focused on the physical layer and the logical layer.

Today, we focus on the content layer. The content layer has two radically different types of content built into it:

1) Content of MP3s and film

2) Content of programs and applications

Today we will walk through the scope of technology affecting *this* type of content and the law affecting on *this* type of content and the market on *this* type of content.

Charlie Nesson was the host for the panel.

Charlie's Content Panel - Part 1 of 4
(Small - 43 MB)

Charlie's Content Panel - Part 2 of 4
(Small - 39 MB)

Charlie's Content Panel - Part 3 of 4
(Small - 44 MB)

Charlie's Content Panel - Part 4 of 4
(Small - 36 MB)

Just a few notes and lots of pictures for this one. This includes excerpts from the Illegal Art film festival and lots of great media clips from all three guests.

Day 3 Tape 1

8:49 - What is P2P with Alex

9:51 - "Democratization of the space"

11:00 - Napster

13:30 - Charlie Nesson as a supernode

20:14 - Fred


Day 3 Tape 2

Cut out part around 13:20 - tech diff

21:45 - Lynne Cheney

25:00 Mention of Howard Dean meetup

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