September 12, 2003
A Home Grown Daily Show Of Sorts - Courtesy of Big Toe Productions

Damian Griffin wrote me last week to let me know about his own sketch comedy routine that was crafted in the classic The Daily Show fashion. It's pretty funny! I'm jealous, because one of my secret fantasies is to have a sketch comedy show of my own someday.

Damian is also an animator. His animated short film has been in about 17 festivals across the country.

Here's the clip (and a bunch of information about it below):

Big Toe Productions - Up To The Minute News

Here's a description from Damian in his own words:

Like most of you I love the Daily Show and think its the best social satire we have going right now. Jon Stewart is the greatest!

A few months ago I had the opportunity to attempt a Daily Show-esque newscast during a sketch comedy show in Denver. I recently digitized the last newscast I did and decided to post a clip of it to be humiliated by the message board.

But first, a few disclosures about the clip and show.

The Quicktime clip is about 7minutes long and about 18mb. It was done on May 31st, 2003.

This clip has stage lighting, interesting camera work, and is sometimes a little hard to hear.

I am not Jon Stewart and don't claim to be anywhere in his ballpark. This was just an unpaid gig and was just for fun.

I pretty much wrote the news segment and created the graphics over the course of a few hours on Friday afternoons shortly before the show, with little to no time for rehersal. I found it to be sometimes daunting for one person, but overall extremely rewarding and enjoyable.

There were 28 newscasts in all.

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