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February 11, 2008
McCain On TV Funhouse

You know, everything I have to say about John McCain I already said back in 2004.

What was true then is perhaps even truer now. This animation says it better than words ever could.

Posted by Lisa at 05:01 PM
March 06, 2006
Make Yourself Into A South Park Character

Go to this link for "Games" and scroll down the page. It's a flash animation.

Me Hanging Out In Southpark (about 20 years ago)

Posted by Lisa at 12:18 PM
February 08, 2006
Make Yourself Into A Simpsons Character

This Simpsonmaker is totally cool.

I'm way into the Simpsons, and am about to publish two papers I wrote analyzing episodes for a genre class...

Beware though - the application doesn't give you any way to save your Simpson, so you'll have to take a screengrab to do that...

Me Rockin' Out With Moe

Posted by Lisa at 02:53 PM
November 06, 2005
Arnold's Neighborhood - Remember Folks, He's Still A Republican

This is precious. Arnie tries to separate himself from the other Repubs, but don't let him fool you.

He conspired with Kenneth Lay on the fake blackouts of 2001, and he's doing his best to tow the Republican line for Bush.

Remember to vote NO on everything this Tuesday, November 8!

Arnold's Neighborhood

Posted by Lisa at 11:29 AM
September 22, 2005
New Animation From Mark Fiore: Kan Do Karl

Like much of this country's current events, the New Orleans Catastrophe is playing out like a bad TV movie.

Halliburton, Kellog and Root etc. are actually going to benefit from this disaster. They win. Everybody else loses. The end.

Kan Do Karl

Posted by Lisa at 11:47 AM
September 13, 2005
Nice Song And Animation: I Can't Afford My Gasoline

I Can't Afford My Gasoline

From AtomFilms

Posted by Lisa at 01:18 PM
October 31, 2004
TV Funhouse Animation On McCain's Inner Struggle With His Support For Bush

This is from the October 30, 2004 program of Saturday Night Live.
Update 10/31/04 10:38pm -- I feel the need to clarify the specific irony in McCain becoming part of this year's Shrub campaign after falling victim to it personally in the 2000 election. For those of you who may not be familiar with the severly unethical tactics used by Karl Rove, Karen Hughes, and that other guy (the three of them were Bush's "Iron Triangle") to win the South Carolina 2000 primary. These details are easily googled, but I just wanted to include more explanation within the text of this blog message. Especially so there would be an explanation to go with the image below.

Poor McCain. How can he live with what he's been doing in supporting the Shrub. He must be so emotionally torn from the inside out -- wouldn't you think?

TV Funhouse paints a brilliant vivid picture of this. It's also terribly funny.

Please, show this to as many people as you can. This one ought to affect the "undecideds" more than a little.


TV Funhouse On John McCain's Supporting Bush

(10 MB - Download it and play from your computer - will be hard to stream right now.)

Posted by Lisa at 11:19 AM
March 06, 2004
Great Animation Explaining The Shrub Administration's Misguided Priorities

True Majority
(Requires Flash)

Posted by Lisa at 07:28 AM
November 20, 2003
Blood On Bush's Hands

Incredible animation which presents some frightening, perhaps enlightening statistics about this senseless war:

Their Blood Is On Bush's Hands

Posted by Lisa at 11:13 AM
November 11, 2003
End Of The World Cartoon

Nice one from DaSchop on the only way any kind of nuclear scenario could ever play out:

The End Of The World
(Flash Animation)

Note: 5/3/04 - new url swapped in http://www.ebaumsworld.com/endofworld.html

Posted by Lisa at 03:24 PM
November 10, 2003
Meatrix Cartoon Explains How Factory Farming Affects Your Health

I'd never even heard of "factory farming" until a few months ago, when a friend of mine who I meet for lunch a lot insisted on only eating at certain restaurants that serve organically-grown meat. It was horrific thinking about the stuff he was telling me, and I wanted to know more.

Over the last few weeks, I've been reading a lot of scary stories about the FDA approving cloned animals for public consumption. It seems to me that there's no way for the FDA to be sure of anything with regard to even the short term effects of humans eating cloned animals, much less the long term effects that, theoretically, would have to be explored in depth before such meat was allowed in to the open market.

So anyway, that's why I'm starting a "Farming and Health" category. This shit's getting pretty frightening, and enough is enough. I don't know what we can really do about it yet, but I do feel that I have to help get the word out somehow.

Then, this morning, another friend sent me this wonderful animation that explains the factory farming situation in great detail. It's funny as hell too.

The Meatrix

There's a bunch of good information at the end about what you can do to help fight this stuff. More articles on this soon (and the relationship between factory farming and the cloning stuff).

Posted by Lisa at 08:33 AM
September 12, 2003
A Home Grown Daily Show Of Sorts - Courtesy of Big Toe Productions

Damian Griffin wrote me last week to let me know about his own sketch comedy routine that was crafted in the classic The Daily Show fashion. It's pretty funny! I'm jealous, because one of my secret fantasies is to have a sketch comedy show of my own someday.

Damian is also an animator. His animated short film has been in about 17 festivals across the country.

Here's the clip (and a bunch of information about it below):

Big Toe Productions - Up To The Minute News

Here's a description from Damian in his own words:

Like most of you I love the Daily Show and think its the best social satire we have going right now. Jon Stewart is the greatest!

A few months ago I had the opportunity to attempt a Daily Show-esque newscast during a sketch comedy show in Denver. I recently digitized the last newscast I did and decided to post a clip of it to be humiliated by the message board.

But first, a few disclosures about the clip and show.

The Quicktime clip is about 7minutes long and about 18mb. It was done on May 31st, 2003.

This clip has stage lighting, interesting camera work, and is sometimes a little hard to hear.

I am not Jon Stewart and don't claim to be anywhere in his ballpark. This was just an unpaid gig and was just for fun.

I pretty much wrote the news segment and created the graphics over the course of a few hours on Friday afternoons shortly before the show, with little to no time for rehersal. I found it to be sometimes daunting for one person, but overall extremely rewarding and enjoyable.

There were 28 newscasts in all.

Posted by Lisa at 08:12 PM
August 29, 2003
Mark Fiore On Ashcroft's Summer Victory Tour

This totally rocks dude:

Victory Act Summer Tour

Posted by Lisa at 11:51 PM
August 10, 2003
Awesome Animation On How Katherine Harris Rigged The Already-Faulty Voting Purge Lists In Florida From 8,000 to 58,000 Voters

...with a little help from Florida's 1998 Voter Reform Law.

Here's an awesome video/animation from Eric Blumrich w/music from Grand Theft Auto:

Grand Theft America

Time's ticking away guys, we've got to do something or they're just going to do it again in 2004.

This animation was based on findings in Greg Palast's report:

Theft Of The Presidency

There's real video of it available too.

(Thanks, Jason)

Posted by Lisa at 08:32 AM
January 14, 2003
Shrub Makes Guest Appearance On The God and Devil Show

George W. Bush On God and Devil Show (Requires Flash Plug-In)
Posted by Lisa at 07:19 PM
December 08, 2002
The Lighter Side Of Total Information Awareness

Here's a great Flash animation by Mark Fiore on
Total Information Awareness.

Posted by Lisa at 03:16 PM
November 30, 2002
New Happy Tree Friends DVD
Went to an opening last week at Borderlands bookstore last weekend for Mondo's new Happy Tree Friends DVD.
(These are pretty violent, grown-up type cartoons. But very funny -- love the soundrack too!)

Here's an episode to check out.
Posted by Lisa at 07:52 PM
July 15, 2002
Rockin' Chair Planet

So I know what you're thinking: "Well Lisa, are you going to spend all of your blogging time on shameless self promotion, complaining about the Shrub and whining about the rapid demise of our constitutional freedoms?" (Blah, blah, blah blah-blah blah.)

Well I suppose I could lighten up long enough to watch a nice Shockwave Animation from my friend John Gentry that really helps put it all into perspective:
Rockin' Chair Planet.

Posted by Lisa at 11:00 PM
August 30, 2001
Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!

This great video transforms a pep talk by Microsoft President Steve Ballmer into a hip dance music pseudo-rap tune.

Posted by Lisa at 10:17 AM