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September 14, 2003
PBS Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate - September 4, 2003

Good Morning Folks,

So I'll be blogging this in more detail later (note: I've since backed out of this task), but I really wanted to get it up for you this weekend so you could check it out before the work week starts. (Yes, I realize that many of you will have to wait 'till the work week starts so you can get your hands on a high speed connection...so this way the files will be ready for you too on Monday am.)

Here is the Democratic Candidate Presidential Debate that aired on PBS on September 4, 2003.

I've made the files available in two or three parts.

These files are all huge. The "2s" are about 100 MB each, and the "3s" are about 60 MB each. I'll have them split up by candidate eventually, but, like I said, I thought I'd give you a chance to spend the day with them if you are so inclined.

I'll be gone for the first part of today and then back this afternoon to finish my weekend rampage. (I'm actually getting caught up on my blogging todo list!)


Posted by Lisa at September 14, 2003 05:39 AM | TrackBack
Me A to Z (A Work In Progress)

Do you have the Al Franken video from last week? I was telling some co-workers about it and they would liket to see it.

Great site by the way.


Posted by: Greg on September 15, 2003 12:20 PM
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