September 15, 2003
Morny mornin' to ya!

Okay so I'm not going to be doing much more with the Presidential Debate stuff unless somebody emails me this morning and wants something specific before I erase it from my hard drive. There's too much else to do. (Oh, alright, I'll get the Dean clips separated out and uploaded first -- I'm not heartless...but otherwise I gotta MOVE ON, so to speak.)

I say this because Dick Cheney was on Meet the Press yesterday morning in rare form, dodging questions with answers that don't make any sense, as per usual, about the war mostly -- and I think putting those clips up has to take priority right now.

So that's how I'll be spending my day after I catch up with an old friend over lunch.

But first, the rest of last week's
Daily Show
clips. My friend Jeff Suttor is going to loan me his camera next week while I'm sending mine away to be serviced, so I won't miss a beat.

So you can all say: "Thanks, Jeff!"

Back in a flash!

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