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September 20, 2003
Daily Show On The 9-11 Anniversary And The Shrub's Revisionist History On Its Stance On U.N. Involvement In Iraq

This is from the September 11, 2003 program.

These should have been edited into two different clips, but I blew it, so there it is.

The first part is a nice introspective piece from Stewart about 9-11.

Next, a great Shrub War update follows. Highlights include Rummy's new calm and sedated demeanor -- compared to his wartime royal smugness (a.k.a. "Rummy Then and Now"), Colin Powell trying to make peace in the U.N., and both Rummy and Colin saying that the Shrub has always sought U.N. involvement.

If you think this is revisionist history. Just wait till you see the Stephen Colbert clip that follows!

Partial Transcript:

Jon Stewart:
Now while the President's decision to seek a resolution giving the U.N. a greater role in Iraq seems like...uh...I don't know... a 180? Administration Officials say this has been the plan all along.

Donald Rumsfield put it this way: "This isn't anything new. There's no big news story here."

Colin Powell says: "The President has said this from the very beginning."

They've been saying these things the whole time? I can't believe I didn't realize that. I must be reading the wrong papers. Watching the wrong tv new shows. Listening to the wrong radio stations. Living on the wrong planet.

9-11 Intro and The Shrub's 180 Degree Turnaround On U.N. Involvement In Iraq (Small - 11 MB)

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