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October 05, 2003
Shrub to U.N. About Iraq: We Were Right. You Were Wrong. Give Us Money.

This is from the September 23, 2003 program.

This is more information than I saw on the "traditional" news channels last week about the Shrub's plea to the U.N. for more money for his Shrub War.

Jon Stewart sums it up nicely: "We were right. You were wrong. Give us Money."

I mean it's only fair, right? Why should only Americans die in this senseless occupation?

There are also some bizarre references to "sex tourism" that I don't fully understand, and some interesting information about the Iraqi police force that isn't forming as quickly as hoped. They're trying to build a police force of 40,000, and so far they've got 800!

Daily Show On Shrub Plea To U.N. For Soldiers and Money
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Me A to Z (A Work In Progress)

From Billmon's blog, 23 Sept 2003 (http://billmon.org/archives/000626.html):

Bush UN speech paragraph count:


Famine: 1

Weapons proliferation: 8

Sex trade: 10

I guess he understands what sells.

Posted by: C Lake on October 6, 2003 01:45 PM
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