Tom Ammiano For Mayor
November 04, 2003
Why Tom Ammiano Is The Six Million Dollar Man

So I've let Tom talk a lot about how he feels about the various issues, and I suppose my strategy was that doing so would speak for itself with regard to why I'm supporting him for Mayor.

However, as I was wrapping up my archive of his interview, I came across this clip (5 MB) of him explaining in more detail about the six million dollar renewable federal grant he was able to obtain from the Shrub Administration.

This achievement demonstrates several of the reasons why I think Tom would be a great mayor:

1. His ability to work within the system to accomplish results, even if the people running "the system" are questionable, to say the least.

2. His ability to create "real" solutions to "real" problems, such as homelessness, as opposed to taking the easy way out, like blaming the victims. (Such as I believe to be the case with "Care Not Cash" and its new bastard brother Proposition M.)

3. His ingenuity in coming up with something like a renewable grant that can continue to bring money into the city to help the less fortunate, rather than come up with strategies that will actually cost the city over $900,000 and give police unprecedented power to arrest people for literally doing nothing.

But I'll let Tom explain the details to you in his own words:

Tom Ammiano On The 6 Million Dollar Renewable HUD Grant (Small - 5 MB)

The words below came after our discussion of Prop M (2 MB).

Tom: " my ability to get six million bucks from the Bush government two weeks ago, so we could have supportive housing and services for the mentally ill and homeless. Now that's real, and that's happening as we speak."

Lisa: "Right. I actually wanted to ask you more about that, because you brought that up in the debate. (6 MB) After a Judge sort of threw out "Care Not Cash" that you were able to get some money to actually build some housing? Could you talk some more about that?"

Tom: "Yeah. It's not for "building housing," actually, but I understand why people think that. I mean it could eventually. But it's six million bucks of support from HUD, which is Bush, and I actually worked with Mayor Willy Brown.
See, because, what Gavin has not been able to do is take the partisanship out of the issue. And I'm willing to sit down with whomever and even compromise, so that we come up with real solutions. So it's six million bucks from HUD for supportive housing and direct services."

"So you take a hotel that's there already and you rehab it. And we've done this, but only for a very tiny amount of people. You rehab it and provide the room, which is housing, particularly for the mentally ill and people who have been ill and homeless on our streets for over a year. That's about 2,000 of them -- even if "Care Not Cash" was something that could work, it wouldn't affect these people, because they're mostly under SSI and Federal programs -- and then provides all the services right there in that facility. And we've already started in the Bay View little Ramada Inn there, has been rehabed. A woman named "Mother Brown" is actually the recipient of some of this money. And the rooms are full already with the services being provided and we're going to expand that so we can meet the needs of 1,000 or more people that are on our streets. And this is a renewable grant. That's the beauty of it. So, with our success that we're proving this year, we have a really great shot at getting that six million next year as well. So that, again, that's real."

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