Bye-Bye Rummy
November 14, 2003
Rumsfeld On Meet The Press: Tim Russert asks "Do you ever say to yourself, or wonder 'My god, the intelligence information was wrong and what have we gotten ourselves into?'"

Rummy's answer: "You know, in my lifetime, I've said that many times..." (See complete answer below.)

Russert also asks Rummy about Saddam's current role, if any, in the latest wave of attacks on the troops.

This is from the November 2, 2003 program of Meet the Press.
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Russert to Rumsfeld: Do you ever say to yourself, or wonder 'My god, the intelligence information was wrong and what have we gotten ourselves into?' (Small - 6 MB)

Tim Russert:
"Do you ever say to yourself, or wonder 'My god, the intelligence information was wrong and what have we gotten ourselves into?' "

Donald Rumsfeld:
"You know, in my lifetime, I've said that many times, because intelligence is never really 'right' or 'wrong.' What it is is a best effort by wonderful, hard working intelligence people, overtly and covertly trying to gather in the best information they can and then present it to policy makers. It's never perfect. These countries are closed societies. They make a point of denying and deceiving so that you can't know what they're doing. So it's a best effort, and it's pretty good. Is it perfect? No. Has it ever been perfect? No. It will never be perfect, our intelligence information. But we've got wonderful people doing a fine job and it seems to me that it's adequate for policy makers to then look at it and draw conclusions and make judgements."

Tim Russert:
"Do you think that Saddam Hussein intentionally rolled over in March, and let the United States roar into Baghdad, planning that he would come back six months later with an armed resistance of the nature we're seeing now?

Donald Rumsfeld:
"I don't. I think they fought hard south. When the movement was so fast. And then, when some forces came in from north, a great many of his forces decided that they couldn't handle it, and they disappeared. They disband themselves, if you will, left their weapons in some instances and unformed their formations, and went home. The idea that his plan was to do that I think is far fetched. What role he's playing today, I don't know. We don't know. Very likely, Saddam Hussein is alive. Very likely, he's in the country. His sons are killed. 42 of his top lieutenants, out of 55, have been captured or killed. So it's a skinny-downed organization, what's left. And, uh, is he interested in retaking his country? Sure. Is he going to? No. Not a chance."

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Me A to Z (A Work In Progress)

I am a solid Independent voter, after being raised on the letters FDR. when Harry Truman left, so went the Party. and I say to TV in General, You all keep blaming President Bush for the War and a number of other things that Bush did against the American Voters.

When President Bush get reelected by one of the largest one sided votes from the American people, please accept it as We the People never assued you the media that we opposed the President as you often stated.

My gusee is that you will forget it and move on to some other issues that will try and bring perverted homosexuals on an equal level with the human race in America.
They have been condemend by God Almighty and you will see that they and the media for the most are the UNGODLY People and We the People in general are different.

I truly believe that you the media have too much freedom when you can promote you fellings and force your will on the American People as NEWS.

Maybe it is time to make the NEWS in General subjected to what truly happens during a day and not what you want to see happen.

The media in general makes a good aurgument for changing the saying GOD BLESS AMERICA to GOD HELP AMERICA.

But where as the Media has no true obligation to God, we will never see it happen.

The media for the most part spells GOD M-O-N-E-Y.

There I go again, sending Email in such a truthful
manner, it cannot get a responce.

I showed you how to spell GOD, so go ahead say something.
Just place the marks of - - - when you want the word God to be known in the message.

Many years ago I and my wife turned and walked away from Father Feeney at the Boston Common.

Now I am sorry to find out that what he said about the news media in general, was the truth.

God, please help America get back to you and the real world?

Abolish the current News Media and begin another one from the HEARTS and MINDS of WE the Godly People of all the United States of America.

Posted by: Arthur Hickey on April 4, 2004 08:43 AM
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