May 09, 2004
Great Video Tutorials On Video/Animation/Graphics Software From

One of you suggested that I check out the $25 a month video tutorials at to ramp up on my Final Cut Pro.

That's the best $25 I've spent in a long time. I'll probably keep my subscription up to help support (not to mention that there are other titles of stuff I want to learn).

It took about a lesson and a half for me to get off and running on my project. (About 30 min of instruction at most.) I'm pretty impressed.

The way the courses are organized, I can move ahead to find out what I need to know, and go back to learn more of the introductory stuff, as needed. There are little 15 minute movies for everything. You can just pick what you need from the index.

Leave it to you guys to hook me up with another great resource!

Thanks again for all the great advice.

(What would I do without cha? :-)

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